keira chanel

[1] - some new and old icons

1-9 the lion king
10-22 megan fox
23-28 random male actors
29-43 keira knightley
44-48 ian somerhalder
49 game of thrones
50-57 emma watson
58-60 emily browning
61-68 dan radcliffe
69-82 dream high
83-88 beauty and the beast
89-98 boys over flowers
99-102 blair waldorf

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keira chanel

Graphic Rules

-Don't steal
-Don't hotlink
-Non text graphics are not bases
-Credit if you take icons

How to Credit

Use that code when you upload your user icons

All my resources can be found here. I keep that list updated.

This is now my mine area to post graphics. You can also find some other graphics on my tumblr. I post gifs, and other types of random graphics there. This community will mostly consist of icons with some blends, screencaps and headers.